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Below are some of the usual questions we get asked so before you get in touch please have a read through because chances are your question could be here.



  • How much does it cost?

    • ​The price varies from tattoo to tattoo depending on the size, placement, style ect but as a basic rule we charge £60 per hour



  • I'm 16 can i get a tattoo done with my parents consent?

    • ​NO sorry but it is illegal to get a tattoo done under the age of 18.



  • Can you use my dead grandads ashes in my tattoo?

    • Nope we will not tattoo anyone with contaminated ink. Also it is unhygienic and we don't really want to messing around with some dead person


  • Do you do cover ups?

    • Depending on what you are wanting covered up but im most cases yes we do cover ups. In most cases we advise you to come into the studio so we can see what you are wanting covered up.



  • Can you come to my house to tattoo me?

    • Nope we are a registered tattoo studio and all tattooing by both artists is always performed in the studio.



  • Do you tattoo Portraits

    • Sorry but this is the one style of tattoo we do not do



  • How do i make an appointment with you?

    • To book an appointment the best thing is to pop into the studio so we can have a chat about your tattoo idea and then we can set a date for you to get your tattoo done. Please note a deposit will be required to secure a booking we accept cash at the studio or you can you our online shop to pay via PayPal.


  • Do you sell gift vouchers?

    • ​Yes we do. you can purchase them from the studio or via our online shop



  • Do you do day sittings?

    • We can do a specific length of time (maximus 5-6 hours as we get tired as well) but the price is still £60 per hour.



  • I want a tattoo but i don't know what i want

    • Because we are a custom tattoo studio we work from your ideas. Also the tattoo is going your body so you should have the main input of the design but we will always work with your ideas to give you the best tattoo design.  We do have a selection of pre drawn designs by our artists and are available to view in the studio.


  • Hi i want a sleeve done tomorrow do you have any spaces?

    • The answer to this question is always no. Because we are a custom tattoo studio we always need time to get a design drawn up for you and the bigger the piece the longer it can usually take to get ready.



  • ​I've got a tattoo booked with you tomorrow can i change my idea?

    • ​If it's a minor change then yes that is normally not a problem, but if you want to change your idea completely then will will more than likely rearrange your appointment so we can change your design.



  • I want a tattoo in a private area do you have a private room?

    • ​Yes we have two tattooing stations one of them is away from onlookers so if you feel self conscious or want a tattoo done in privacy we can accommodate you.

  • i've got a tattoo booked with you next month can you send me the design now?

    • ​If we have something ready for you then yes we are happy to send you a picture of your design but in most cases we get your designs drawn up about 2-3 days before your appointment.


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